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Mandrolisai red wine

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Mandrolisai symbolizes a land and its wine in one name. Indeed, the wine was named after one of the innermost regions of Sardinia, whose geographical and climatic features (scarce rainfalls and long summers) concur to produce special wines, born from high-hill vineyards at the foot of the highest mountain ranges of the island.
The village produces more than half the quantity of wine made for the Wine Growers’ Cooperative of Mandrolisai, established in 1950, sited in Sorgono.
The ruby-red wine, aged in oak barrels, has been now included within the Sardinian wines deserving the DOC label (‘Denominazione di Origine Controllata’).
Apparently, the wine sector is livened up by a new energy, thanks to a few significant, high-level promotional activities aiming at its enhancement, from wine production up to the processing and marketing of the finished products.
From the regions of Barbagia and of Oristano, visitors wait in long queues outside the small, top-quality cellars, to purchase the strong, aromatic red wine (13-14 % vol.). The traditional May fair is focused on it; also, it ca be widely appreciated on the occasion of the event ‘Cortes Apertas’ – or should we say, more appropriately here, ‘magasinos apertos’, when a number of visitors are welcomed among demijohns and old chestnut barrels.
Cultivation techniques are strictly associated with organic agriculture, in full accordance with traditional rules.
Mandrolisai wine is available in 5 versions:

  • ‘Rosso del Mandrolisai’: unique for any occasions and anywhere, it is a ruby-red, strong wine, with a decided, slightly fruity vinous aroma, of a dry taste, salty, tending to enhance such characteristics with ageing in barrels.
  • ‘Holisai’, rosé wine, to be best preferred as a young wine, of an intense pink colour and fresh aroma, with a scent of violet.
  • Rosso Superiore’, which has been recently mentioned both in the regional and national export news, owing to the great success obtained in New York at the Italian Food Festival, in cooperation with the prestigious Italian Culinary Institute, a trading symbol and worldwide window of top-quality food products.
  • ‘Kent’annos’, a superior wine of a ruby-red colour and a dry, full, generous taste, with a remarkable persistence of taste.
  • ‘Ternura’, a white, sweet wine, obtained from the vinification of over-ripe grapes, of a balanced, fine and persistent taste.
  • ‘Antiogu’, wine of an intense red colour and slight garnet red nuances, with scents of vanilla and spices, elevated in barrel oaks. It was acknowledged the ‘Gran Menzione’ at Vinitaly 2007.

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